A cake made of fish, or a fish made of cake, i cant decide...
Mmmm fishcakes!
Your mum smells like a fishcake!
by Mizzle December 16, 2004
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The process of administering a haddock into the vaginal shaft for means of sexual pleasure.
Jane went down the fish mongers purchased a haddock in the knowledge she be fishcaking with her boyfriend Paddy later.
by The Fish Monger January 27, 2010
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Term used in Poker to define a really weak (fish) player.
Antonio: Goddamn, Phil Laak is such a fishcake, he is even worse then Phil Hellmuth
by 2p2_lol April 18, 2010
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It's a fresher and folksier way of saying, "yada, yada, yada."
"So Lincoln's all, oh, I gotta get this country back together, and whup some Rebel ass, and do some emancipating, fishcakes, but damn I am tired."
by Admiral Snackbar July 5, 2004
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"Fi-sh Kay-k" (Noun)
A term used to describe a person of a retarded nature, someone likely to be sat on the back seat of the special bus licking the windows or possibly chewing on the shoulder of the nearest person
In short, a complete mong' child
I just came out the club an saw this complete fishcake try and bite a police man, genius
by D-Matic January 19, 2011
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