To simulate a bubble gum bubble with the scrotum and a testicle.

To blow a bubble:
1. make a circle with your thumb and index finger, a little smaller than the size of a testicle
2. Pull some skin of the scrotum through the hole, so it hangs loose from the hole (be sure not to grab the testicle too)
3. With your other 3 fingers, slowly finesse the testicle through the hole utnil it pops completely through, filling the skin, resembling a bubble gum bubble.
Sorry I'm late for work I was blowing bubbles all morning in the shower.

I cut my sack shaving. Now I can't blow a bubble for a week.
by speshy May 4, 2007
Hey, you want a drink? Yeah, I'm so parched I'm blowing dust bubbles.
by sgtblondie February 3, 2021
An expression used in a sentence to give a visual as to how you would act if you had a desired item, origins are rooted in Detroit.
Shit, if I had a El Camino or a Bronco, I'd be straight blowing bubbles.
thet shit's tight. That a fucking electric scooter or sumpting? I be in that shit blowing bubbles biach!
by Pontiac February 7, 2006
Big J you blow bubbles last night? Hell yeah she had me in a head lock with her legs.
by works909 July 30, 2008
Used by any human endurance activity to describe the point when you are no longer able to think about what your doing. Going through the motions in a memorized trance if not hypnotic state, to tired to do anything but keep going.

Distance runners, endurance racers, people on long road trips, even to many hours in the office or on the job can cause the feeling when you have been going to long and you can't think because your so tired.
After 72 hours in the shop trying to hit the deadline, Ricky is blowing bubbles.

Early in the race you can remember the rocky section at el rosario or the silt but late in the race when your blowing bubbles it's nice to have something to look at to refresh your memory.

Yeah - BJ drove every mile You should had seen him at the finish, he was blowing bubbles!
by Tasigo January 9, 2013
Used to describe what a girl will be doing afer you ejeculate in her mouth, blowing bubbles with the cum.
Guy 1: So what happened last night dude?

Guys 2: Let's just say I got her blowing bubbles.

by ROFLAGE March 30, 2009