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a moron or gun nut who doesn't believe in science or telling her daughter to keep her legs crossed
Sarah Palin is a huge mistake
by minimalsidefx2 September 02, 2008

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the continuous news coverage about a stupid politician
Fox News kept up a steady stream of Palindrone after the Repugnican convention
by minimalsidefx2 September 25, 2008

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a future website specializing in reviews of the taste of individual muff dives.
When I hit www. urban poon .com, if found my future girlfriend there. The reviews were all favorable.
by minimalsidefx2 August 08, 2012

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a person who loves to get shtupped with a strap-on
Betty Sue is a big dyke and loves to wear a strap-on to do her girlfriend Cynthia. Cynthia is a total strap hanger and cums like a freight train.
by minimalsidefx2 January 31, 2011

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