A pejorative for a member or political believer of the United States Republican Party. Term hybrids both Repugnant and Republican.
Comment: Did you know that guy is pro-life? Response: Well, he's a Repugnican so what's the big surprise?
by Loischer April 11, 2007
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An extreme, social conservative Republican. Repugnican views are so extreme even mainstream Republicans often gag, before finally swallowing their load. Despite being only a small part of the Republican party, they dominate the party. Thanks to their fervent, fanatical beliefs.
The Repugnicans in congress proved just how out of the mainstream they are when they attempted to make terminating an unwanted pregnancy a capital offense.

by Johnnyincentx May 09, 2006
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Considered derogatory. Alternate spelling of "republican." Coined by Bishop Henley. A portmanteau made up of the words republican and repugnant, implying that republicans are repulsive and distasteful.
This one time, at band camp, I ran into an embarrassment of repugnicans, and they were saying something really stupid again, like "the French have no word for entrepreneur."
by Bishop Henley October 09, 2009
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a slang word created by angry intellectuals to describe the kind of republicans that feel the part of the constitution created by Americas forefathers which separates church from state to protect religion from politics and politics from religion is fundamentally wrong. Also see religious right
repugnicans make me sick how can they actually believe that a monopolistic religion like Christianity and government can possibly coexist with out without completely galvanizing every other religion in America while at the same time turning the country in to an oppressive dictatorship is beyond me.
by redwolf November 10, 2004
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An intentional mispronunciation of “Republican” by combining the word with “repugnant.” It is meant derisively. It is usually used in lieu of posing intellectual arguments against Republican principles.
Ah thinks Rush Limbaugh am one of them Repugnicans 'cause he don't hold with us union folks.
by Ditto Head March 17, 2007
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