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A new genra of music from the northeast U.S.A. that is a combination of multiple genras .
Murf and the Maggots are to skunt rock ; as the sex pistols are to punk rock
by mikey murf October 18, 2007
1- To masturbate , and ejaculate into an enemy's coat sleeve , and/or pocket when they are preoccupied .

2- One who wears a coat year round , and is not homeless

3- While getting you knob slobbered on , the person getting das knob slobbered on grabs the girls jacket , and strangles her with it intill he ejaculates in her mouth , and gasps for air . A method made popular by the punk rock group 'Murf and the Maggots' .
1- Alright , who's the wise ass who gave me a coatie ?

2- Those kids in my class are total coaties .

3- "So she was slobberin my knob right , and then I look over ,and saw her coat , so i mean OF COURSE i had to give her a coatie . I blasted my pants cannon when she turned blue.
by mikey murf September 26, 2007
1- Ghetto Currency

2- Mad Dope B-Ball dunking skillz

3- Bitches
1- "I got mad duckets !"

2- "Oh shit , we got magic jhonson with the mad duckets !"

3- "You bitch ass trick , wheres my mad duckets?
by mikey murf September 26, 2007
slangThe belife that one is against the idea of being against large corperations/ establishments focusing on their tyranical modes of corperate expantion .

uses- Anti-Disenstablishmentarianism
"That bitch ass trick better have my duckets . I dont give a shit how much of an Anti-Disenstablishmentarianism this pimp games turning into i want my money , ill back hand her like a motha fucka."
by mikey murf September 27, 2007
1- Grab tube sock

2- pull down pants

3- shit in sock

4- swing it above your head

5- slay your enemys
Last night when shane was asleep , we totally went Hot karlin' on his Grandfather .
by mikey murf October 15, 2007
Someone who dose either crystal meth , or cocain , and jumps from one rooftop to another , robbing the houses of all their silverware . Often carrying a high calibur weapon , in witch to shoot the hamburglar with when the trip gose rotten .
"did you hear about that crackhead spiderman in new york who got shot off the roof in full extention of his jump
by mikey murf October 17, 2007