an early British Punk Band, Not the 1st however, the Ramones were the 1st proper punk band, many before the Ramones and Sex Pistols set the aesthetic for punk (bands like the Stooges) but the Sex Pistols really brought punk rock to the United Kingdom. Possibly the british band with the most banned songs/albums ever. Their 1st single "Anarchy in the UK" is possibly one of the best punk songs. Ever. and the controversial "God save the Queen" remains a punk classic.
God save the queen, and her fascist regime, she made you, a moron, into a potential H-bomb!
by Deathbyspoons August 9, 2004
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By far the best punk band to come out of England (or anywhere else for that matter). They were formed by Malcom McLaren in 1975 and included Steve Jones on guitar, Paul Cook the drummer, Glen Matlock on bass, and John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten as lead singer. Later Glen Matlock was replaced with the infamous John Simon Ritchie or Sid Vicious (his stage name, a joke about his mild temperment) who couldn't play for beans but nonetheless became the most notorious of the group. They became the first people to swear on television during an interview with Bill Grundy and were subsequently banned from most clubs. After a disastrous American tour they disbanded after Johnny Rotten left the band on January 14th, 1978.
Sid Vicious was suspected for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon on October 12th of the same year. He served jail time but the case was never solved. He was found dead on February 1, 1979 after a heroin overdose (the heroin was supplied by his mother after he was released from jail). He was only 21.
The remaining Sex Pistols reunited in 1996 and released an album after touring. Glen Matlock returned as bass player.
God Save The Queen, she is Pretty Vacant so I'm gonna do it My Way.
by Bob the Magician July 5, 2004
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A legendary and influential early British punk band that swore on television and had some angry songs.

Not particularly talented but captured the essence punk movement, despite actually being the artificial creation of entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren.

The band featured the spiky haired John Lydon, who would go on to form a band of musical merit (Public image Limited) and the completely talentless (though very controversial) Sid Vicious who topped his girlfriend and then himself.
"I am the anti-Christ, I am an anarchist, don't know what I want, but I know how to get it"

The Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK
by newtgingrichoneoneone November 6, 2009
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1 : another term for 'inspiring'
2 : the best fucking band that ever walked on this polluted up piece of shit that we call Earth
by joe vicious March 2, 2004
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The Sex Pistols were the best band in the world. Are the best band in the world. And will ALWAYS be the best band in the world. They came out and made a new sound and style. THey sang about things that matter(God Save the Queen). ANy one who claims to be 'punk' know what i am talking about. ANy ways. peace and anarchy!
by Katherine Vicious July 1, 2003
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erect penis which is ready to fire some rounds
"hey baby get your cum dumpster over here so i can shoot it with my sex pistol"
by Swift December 13, 2003
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