A term (typically used in Shooter games) to indicate that you shot/hit an opponent.
*Shoots opponent*
*Loses gunfight*
"Awh, I got so many shots off on that guy!"
by iSheep1E April 18, 2018
Description of someone who has suffered very uncomfortable financial losses.

The losses need to be of a serious scope relative to the persons net worth for someone to have shot their cock-off.
Barry leveraged-up his holiday-pad on the coast into one of those Enhanced-Income Yield Funds.

He is leasing a 42 Footer and a 911.

Barry has shot his cock off

by DonPaullo April 23, 2009
A guy with a really small dick, where it looks like it’s been dawn in half, therefore more powerful when firing sperm, as if from a sawn off shotgun.
Jane: Hey, that’s a bit small, does it even work?”
Dumpa: You’ve never had the sawn off shot cock before have you?”
by TrueMeaningWM May 15, 2020