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Bet that means " good deal " or " thats cool "
"yes "
Mike: You want to get somthing to eat?

Jones: bet that nigga
by mike jones March 19, 2004

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Word used in the same reference as "bro", or "whodie", to a person that you know. Mostly used in eastern Texas.
Whats up kin folk?
by Mike Jones March 25, 2003

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the art of dirty fucking a whore and grunting like a gorilla while your doing it.
i gorilla fucked that girl last night.
by Mike Jones April 07, 2004

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the lowest rank in the army. This man can pull more detail then anyone in the world, can spend all day pick shit up. will answer any question with an excuse. aka shitbag, ONE STRIP, high speed, airborne, asshole, jerk off.
SGT: hey high speed didn't i tell you pick that shit up off the side walk.
PVT: well what you see happend is i was going too but then i was hit by a car and i forgot.
SGT: I don't wanna hear that bullshit pvt, now get to picking that shit up, before i make you do some fucking flutter kicks you fucking scumbag.
by Mike Jones May 27, 2004

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to throw up a peace sign, to give props or say whats up. Or to say goodbye, or to get some ones attention.
chunk duce.
by mike jones March 31, 2004

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The act or process of lying supine on the dodgy carpet while an accomplice pours goon into your mouth straight from the goon bag
Greg - Hey, I feel like a goon layback

Mike - Why wouldn't ya? Naki, get the goon bag
by Mike Jones January 10, 2004

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best rap group ever only real gangsters..stayed true threw everythign
them niggas is crazy mane
by mike jones March 14, 2005

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