A crazy ass bitch who keeps claiming they know everything about everything because they were a "Counselor - In - Training".
Person 1: Hey, I'm trying to build a boat, do you know how?
Person 2: Yeah you just- 'get's interupted'
Person 3: I know everything about building boats because I was a CIT!
by BlackandBlue99 March 9, 2011

CIT's are the unsung and often overlooked heroes of camp. Working for even less pay than the minimal pay of the famed and glorified camp counselor, CIT's are often tasked with the grunt work of washing dishes and working in the kitchen in addition to an hour a day of CIT class and a CIT project, leaving limited time for them to actually be of any use to the counselor and group they've been paired with for the week. All of this they do just for a small taste of the authority and experience of almost being a counselor while still in high school.
Are you a counselor or a CIT?

What does CIT stand for?

Your camper just insulted me, he called me a CIT.

You'll always be King of the CIT's, Durphy.
by The_Hawk August 20, 2009
Cougar In Training. Mid 30's to 40's female trying to play the part of a cougar but not quite enough experience. Usually hotter than their older cousin.
Check this. The CIT's trying to make it to Cougar but needs to go around the block again.
by RonWong1 November 29, 2007
Cougar In Training - A woman not old enough to be considered a cougar, but who prowls around in much the same way.
So I was with this smokin hot CIT last nite... Before I knew what happened, she'd hunted me down and showed me things I never knew existed.
by L B C November 14, 2007
Cougar-in-training (also known as The Cub) Too young to be considered an actual Cougar, these industrious young women show all the tell-tale signs of future cougardom: an interest in younger men, a ravenous sexual appetite, and an indifference to marriage and other conventional romantic institutions.
Common name: Cougar/CIT

The cougar comes in many forms (as will be discussed below), but each stems from the Felinae Generalus, the older woman, typically early thirties to mid-forties, who has abandoned traditional rules of romantic engagement and taken as her mission the seduction of as many game young men as she can possibly handle.

She comes from all over the world, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and she follows without question the Cougar Rules.

She's beautiful in her contempt for outdated values, and we love her.

by ggo November 16, 2007
CIT the acronym for "Creeper in Training" as in another person hanging with and acting in the ways of a creeper.

Derived from CBC, CIP.
"OMG! Look at that CIT", "Wow, he is a total CIT."
by ~Joe.Green~ September 10, 2009
Where's Tim at?

Oh, he's CITS. Becky broke up with him.
by Funkmasterslash June 13, 2011