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An object you place in front of your door. ffs
Not a person you treat as if they were a doormat. You know, walkin' all over 'em and makin em feelike shitlike WHAT?
You gonna do that?

A doormat is simply an object placed before an entryway into someone's home. It is NEVER a human being that is treated like some planar object you can just walk all over, wipe your shoes off on, and then enter into the person's home I can't even get into. I can't get in there, because - hint hint - I'm a fucking doormat. So sure, I'll stay out here, glad I could be of help.
He used a doormat to wipe his shoes off before going into the apartment.
by midinerd March 19, 2019

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Phonetic ebonic predecessor of "n00b" or "noob": lamer, lamah, lammah

When slang on the Internet was influenced by ebonics to change "er" endings of words to an "ah" sound. The popular insult "lamer" became "lamah," which is both awkward looking and phonetically pre-existing in English as "llama." This practice of phonetic substitution would later peak as a fad by bastardizing the moment when two humans pronounce their undying bond for one another with simply "Olive Juice."

Synonym: newb or n00b
Antonym: elite, l33t

Derogatory term to indicate limited cunning or wit in a given topic, typically technological.

Noun. "llama, llamas"

- A lame person or thing in cyber/leetspeak.

- There are those who are leet, and there are llamas.
Adjective: "llama"

- Lame. This club is llama.

- Not used: "Chad has become llama" would be spoken only by a llama.
***now chatting in #momsemuroms***
*leechgzplz disconnected: <timeout exceeded: 3000s>*
haqeur: u ph34r us yet, eric?
h0m3br3w: just Ddos'd that llama w regular /ping on dial-up

"Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass"
by midinerd October 02, 2016

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Akin to "blue-balls", brains that have become blue are swelled up with potential.
A given engineering problem exists, and the user has all of the facilities to resolve the answers, but simply has not yet.

Due to the unrelenting desire to further ones area of expertise, the brain intrinsically reminds them to move closer to a point of final realization. Eventually a headache will persist until the user gives in to their own abilities and approaches the climax of conceptual completion.
"I'm working on a real-time non-blocking audio DSP chain that unfurls a system of nodes way faster than I could ever do it.
But I'm too lazy right now to get around to it. It's starting to ache, yet it's all within my control: I've got bluebrains."
by midinerd February 12, 2019

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Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Gangster-ass ways of letting music devices communicate between one and another.
Except it has serious bottlenecks in speed - which fucks up its entire purpose.
MIDI Controller: NOTE-ON
MIDI CONTROLLER: <continued note-on event>
MIDI Controller: NOTE-OFF
Korg MS2000: AAAAaaaaaa......
by midinerd September 21, 2019

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A rough method of judging a person's rate of aging. To left test is to view a user's current profile picture on Facebook, which is the most recent, and press the left arrow key. This goes back to the user's first picture, when they were younger. It may span several years, or few, and their mileage will vary.
<while friend is stalking someone on Facebook> Damn, give them the left test!
According to the left test, she's like-new.
by midinerd September 11, 2016

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A combination of the words "post," "boast," and "poaching." It is a reflexive action of participating in social media culture of displaying ones personal life out of temptation to compete with their peers, while inadvertently volunteering personal information about the self and ones relatives.
person1: Did you see person2's vacation photos?
person3: Man, person2's personal account of their own life is amazing!
person1: they poasted all their kids bullshit while vacating up in dat 'Cun (Cancun)
person3: Back in the day, we had to get a parent signature on a piece of paper and bring it back to class have our photo taken for the public. That poasting has to stop!
by midinerd March 01, 2018

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Only cowards who have been called out for their actions use this word.
Janice: Hey, thanks for pointing out that my family died.
Mark: Don't get all butthurt about it.
Janice: You mean 'hurt' ? Emotions aren't just a butt, you know.
Mark: Have you double-checked?

Janice: I double-checked your mom with my face last night.
via giphy
by midinerd September 21, 2019

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