The nickname for an amazing girl that's beautiful, funny, and absolutely fun to be with. There's no one in the world more fun to talk to then the girl you give this nickname to! She's someone you text all the time and call and you enjoy seeing her wether it's for five minutes or spending a whole day with her. She's someone you can tell "I love you" too but at the same time never say it enough. She's someone you'd do anything for because you care about her so much. She's someone really special to you and no matter what happens ever you'll never forget her. Oh yeah, and she's very very attractive :)
I talked to Fern last night and it made me so happy
by ARAGABAN August 12, 2011
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A person that loves drawing, eating cheese, and overall is very swaggy. If you gain a ferns trust it will share the things it enjoys with you including memes you probably wont understand and very questionable images. Ferns often have trouble expressing or understanding curtain emotions but that is ok because they will always try to help in anyway they can so treat them well. Sometimes ferns are overly clumsy so make sure to keep an eye out for them to make sure they arent dead or hurt 👍. To offend a fern you must call them a child or wee baby, though overall funny they will probably throw a tantrum for a whole 5 minutes so be aware.
P1:Did you see that fern the other day?

P2: Yeah they are pretty swag ,Though they keep spamming me with memes so I called them a wee baby
P1: Yeah...speaking of that they are sprinting at you
by 🍓spy June 4, 2021
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Albie’s girlfriend who is the most amazing person on this planet who deserves everything. She is amazing at art and smiling. She gives the best cuddles and kisses ever. She is also very cute which is a bonus xx
by Ferns boyfriend August 10, 2019
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Beautiful,intelegent, wise woman, who is in touch with mother nature.
Fern is amazing.
by cutiepie121988 February 10, 2010
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A word that can be changed into any form and used to replace any other word.
We totally fernicated Rich in the woods yesterday.

Fern that man for driving so slowly!

I just fernin' stubbed my toe.

Mother Fern!

Oh my god that movie was so fernacious.

The skeeze's outfit is totally ferny.
by MacNTurk May 20, 2005
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Oooh, shawty! That nigga smokin' the fern!
by T-Krunk November 1, 2006
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A gorgeous girl. Long blonde hair down to her butt. She has crystal blue eyes and is very tall. She is amazing at sport and loves art. Her personality is Caring, Sweet, Generous. Boys love her!
Omg, she is hot. She must be a Fern!
by rockandroll123 October 22, 2017
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