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The act of posting on a message board in an obnoxious and pointless manner using terms such as "lulz", "n00b" or "fagz". Used as a form of humor.

posting spamming post spam
Jesus, this thread is 10 pages of nothing but poasting by Darkstar and Begs. Say something of importance for once.
by guitarguy9 November 04, 2007
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A combination of the words "post," "boast," and "poaching." It is a reflexive action of participating in social media culture of displaying ones personal life out of temptation to compete with their peers, while inadvertently volunteering personal information about the self and ones relatives.
person1: Did you see person2's vacation photos?
person3: Man, person2's personal account of their own life is amazing!
person1: they poasted all their kids bullshit while vacating up in dat 'Cun (Cancun)
person3: Back in the day, we had to get a parent signature on a piece of paper and bring it back to class have our photo taken for the public. That poasting has to stop!
by midinerd May 08, 2018
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