58 definition by mick

Verbose and incoherent.
"My guess, ducks and water that is, can't seem to hide outside of a boxing," is a BigCanadiano sentence.
by Mick May 29, 2004

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To make something or someone dirty
She dirtied up my car when she used it!
by Mick March 20, 2005

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1.) a rooster
2.) to pull back on
1.) my gigantic cock outweighed the others at the cock weighing fair.
2.) I cocked my shotgun.
by Mick April 04, 2004

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Named after the annoying TV presenter David Dimbleby, a spineless little gibbering cretin-cum-social commentator, meaning someone who is a complete and utter waste of space...
That toadying Prime Minister Blair is a Dimbleby with bar.
by Mick December 07, 2003

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Amazing player of the game of TF1.5
by Mick April 07, 2003

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A word thought up in the spur of the moment posted on urban dictionary in hopes of reaching fame
Mick: We should put sparcasticate on urban dictionary
by mick January 28, 2005

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A righteous, self-loving, power-hog who will stop at nothing until mere world domination is in his grasp.
by Mick February 13, 2003

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