682 definitions by michael foolsley

TRANSPORTATION! usually a car!!! (isn't it a box, drawn by 'horses'??)
lets' take my chariot! i just changed the oil

my chariot is big enough to 'crack someones' crotch' in!!
by michael foolsley December 21, 2009
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CHOCOLATE -an oral 'treat'; as is cunnilingus! though 'CHAW' clit suggests roughness, it remains oral based! one doesn't necessarily 'chaw' (or chew) a clitoris, the wise person utilizes more of a tongue-caress.

upon experiencing the explosive results of this, the question of 'goodness' and/or validity of a 'ramming penis' seems desirable to the male only! -the emphasis of the tongue as regards to lesbians, should provide a masters degree education for the male.

AS a male, 'ramming to oblivion' DOES carry a bit of 'charm' but, as a would-be "gentleman", i like to 'mix-it-up'!!! -besides NOBODY deserves to go home unhappy!!

-NOW, time 4 some CHAW CLIT!!
he ate a piece of chaw clit while dreaming of lapping clit!

this chaw clits' almost as good as realclit!!

me like to lick you like chaw clit (subliminal message! and/or pickup line!)
by michael foolsley February 01, 2010
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a phrase for the slightly insane...to be said at one's leisure when ambulatory. a visual check for the secret police, regular police, riff-raff, hit squad, trumpers and/or libtards coming for YOU ! . seeing as how civil war is right on the horizon, a few extra moments to grab your guns (plural, OF COURSE!) is nice !
i'm going to grab a cup of coffee then check the street !
urban dictionary bumped my would be contribution, when i went to check the street !, i didn't take it personally !
by michael foolsley September 11, 2020
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where is PETA when the poor bacteria are dying? who is going to stand up for them!
pretty soon someones' going to be crying save the bacteria!
by michael foolsley November 23, 2009
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john wondered exactly who was going to 'save' him, then happened to look in the mirror; seeing his savior.

even though judy packed a high degree of 'bargaining power', she saw her savior in the mirror!
by michael foolsley November 01, 2011
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something to mutter while watching "car dealer tv" ("broadcast" tv) while changing channels or muting a particularly annoying and offensive advertiser (i HATE this guy!!)
by michael foolsley March 26, 2021
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not hearing expected 'normal' noise from a situation.

NOTHING scares parents more than when they don't hear any noise emanating from wherever their punk offspring are 'playing'. they'll be up in a 'heartbeat' to check, upon hearing too much quiet!!

mysterious lack of usual 'normal' sonic pollution
its' scary quiet today! my townhouse neighbor the heavy metal drummer that drives the over-powered land yacht must not be around!!

it was scary quiet in the jones' play room, the industrial production agent went in to check!

it was scary quiet until the drunken "rednecks" showed up and began loudly pontificating!!
by michael foolsley May 20, 2012
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