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this is an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. it is used by most countries with any form of advanced weaponry and can carry many sizes of warheads.
The difference between an ICBM and a regular missile is that the ICBM is exceptionally long-ranged. In recent times it is most associated with carrying a nuclear payload which as we all know, are international in their range.
"Lets go launch a nuclear ICBM at those American wankers who think they're so good."
by Lewos March 27, 2004
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The result when you give an enema to a constipated Eskimo. (see BM)
Nanook had been backed up for eight days, so Nanna mixed whale blubber with ex-lax. Nanook dropped a huge "icey BM" a few feet from the igloo about 2 hours later.
by ExitRamp May 31, 2004
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Inter-Continental Ballistic-Missile.

Warheads developed during the cold war with ranges up to and including 7,000 km. Part of the arsenal for both sides, although the west had signifanctly more. They were designed to be nuclear equipped and used only in the "final conflict" between the ideaologies of east VS west. Death row won, I think.
No matter how many ICBM's the US had, it has a far more concentrated population, and since the people didn't live in shit, they would not leave their homes unless they were fo' shizzle gonna get their asses friend.

Face it America, the Red army would have kicked the shit out of you.
by Gumba Gumba March 06, 2004
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The last and worst form of grenade. They are few and far between but by far the most deadly.
Drew may have had to jump on the grenade tonight, but Mike had to deal with the ICBM, next week.
by The Dark Knight of Metal October 16, 2010
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That annoying Jordanian fellow from the coffee shop showed up last night and launched an ICBM just as I was about leave with an attractive, receptive woman. jerk.
by Parker Monatana June 11, 2004
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