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genderfluid partially fits under the transgender category.
genderfluid means that u switch genders & pronouns. a quote from a genderfluid person: "some days r she/her days, others r they/them days, & others r he/him days." i am not an expert on this gender, but i believe that it is where u identify as every gender, but feel like each on different days. it is fluid, like water, where it shifts for each day & mood.
bruddah: "hey, sis, can u pass me the remote?"
genderfluid fren: "ye, but today is a boi day. just a reminder."
by meli lol July 25, 2020
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genderqueer fits under the transgender category.
genderqueer means that u r a miscellaneous gender, w/ ur own personal pronouns. i prefer not to say 'made-up' pronouns or a 'created' gender b/c U didn't create those feelings. its when u feel like neither male or female, but u do feel like a specific gender. u get to name it whatever feels right! ❤️
genderqueer fren: "hey, guys? i um.. i'm genderqueer. my pronouns r ze/zir. i-is that ok w/ u?"
gud frens: "its ok!! we luv u for who u r & we will respecc u."
by meli lol July 25, 2020
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anonymous is a famous internet name, notorious for being a civil rights hacker group. many people believe that anonymous is a secret hacker organization that is almost impossible to join, but that is actually incorrect. anonymous isn't even a group; to become a 'part' of anonymous, u just have to put on the mask, take on the name, & speak out abt systematic injustice.
straight tiktok: "Anonymous is just soo hot 🥵"
alt tiktok: *friends with anonymous*
by meli lol July 23, 2020
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two-spirited fits under the genderqueer & genderfluid category, therefore also the transgender category.
two-spirit means that u r a specific & widespread genderqueer gender. it comes from native american religion; there is a shared belief in a third gender, two-spirits. i do not know much about this gender, but i believe that it is where u feel like both the female & male gender combined into one identification.
hooman: "what does it mean to be two-spirited?"
indigenous american: "it means that you are neither male nor female, but a third gender."
by meli lol July 25, 2020
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donald j. trump is the 45th u.s. president. he is debatably the worst, w/ his extreme fascism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, trans/homophobia, predatorial behaviour, racism, absolute stupidity, narcissism, senility, & ugliness (inside & out)
Donald J. Trump supporter: "our president is a great comedian!"
ppl w/ dignity & an education: "u mean ur president is a great clown?"
by meli lol July 22, 2020
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transgender is an umbrella term for transitioning/transitioned people. basically anybody that isn't cisgender - & sticks to one type of pronoun uwu. so non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirits, & non-cisgender females/males.
transgender people r people that's gender does not fit their body - more specifically, their genetalia. their brain does not align with their body.
genderqueer pal: "mom, i'm transgender.."
a gud mom: "i still love u! what r ur pronouns hon?"
by meli lol July 25, 2020
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