A word commonly used by teenagers while in Instant Messages or chat rooms. Short for "because".
by Anonymous November 2, 2003
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before comity
lol but it dosent exist yet

by killer........ November 14, 2009
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when a friends asks for some gum because you are chewing on some and you dont have anymore offer them some abc gum.
by Julianna Dearing July 14, 2005
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A song by the Jackson 5. It was published in February 1970, and become the number one hit of that year. It was released in the album "ABC." One of the greatest songs sung by Michael Jackson.
by IM GONNA EAT YOUR MOM December 29, 2009
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"Can you get us a B&C while you're at the bar?"
by maxisrad August 17, 2007
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