he/him or he/him/his are pronouns that are used to refer to someone in the third person. he/him is usually used by men or non-binary people but can also be used by women (usually lesbians). he/him are the default pronouns used by AMAB people and used by most men.
example use of he/him pronouns:
person 1: Hey did you see Sam's new hair?
person 2: Oh, yeah! I did his hair looks great.
person 1: I really like the new cut of him.
person 2: definitely, he looks great.
by bean13 September 21, 2020
The set of pronouns an individual who identifies as the male gender uses.
Josh uses he/him pronouns because he is a male.
by Just a Man, Not a Hero January 8, 2020
How to describe someone who just has that dog em
Did you see Ja Morant last night? HE’S HIM!
by Cfarr May 4, 2022
A set of pronouns most commonly used by men, he/him pronouns can be used by women and non-binary/gender non conforming people as well
“He is over there” “His bag is over there”
“My pronouns are he/him
“Sarah’s preferred pronouns are He/him although he’s a girl”
by Fennwiffthehomo July 23, 2021
He/Him are people who usually pull the baddest Bitches out there, the be having the most HUGE dick, and are always horny asf (they're also kind and amazing ppl)
Girl 1: "You see that guy over there?"
Girl 2: "That my boyfriend, his pronouns are He/Him"
Girl 1: "oh really? I didn't know that,"
Girl 2: "well now you know"
Girl 1: "He's hot"
Girl 2: "I know, and he has a HUGE dick🤤"
Girl 1: "how big is it?"
Girl 2: "8 inches"
Girl 1: "oh.... You wonna do a threesome with both is and your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "أعود بالله من الشيطان الرجيم"
by Isuckonyomomspussy March 7, 2022
the descriptor of a vagina belonging to a person who uses he/him pronouns, oftentimes a trans man.
"None of you can handle the he/him pussy"
by the orpheus that didnt turn January 21, 2022
A lesbian who uses he/him pronouns because they are most comfortable with those pronouns.
He/Him lesbians should totally be respected or you're a lesphobe!
by EbiManami April 22, 2019