he/him or he/him/his are pronouns that are used to refer to someone in the third person. he/him is usually used by men or non-binary people but can also be used by women (usually lesbians). he/him are the default pronouns used by AMAB people and used by most men.
example use of he/him pronouns:
person 1: Hey did you see Sam's new hair?
person 2: Oh, yeah! I did his hair looks great.
person 1: I really like the new cut of him.
person 2: definitely, he looks great.
by bean13 September 21, 2020
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The set of pronouns an individual who identifies as the male gender uses.
Josh uses he/him pronouns because he is a male.
by Just a Man, Not a Hero January 8, 2020
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How to describe someone who just has that dog em
Did you see Ja Morant last night? HE’S HIM!
by Cfarr May 4, 2022
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Another 'hip' phrase the younger generation (Gen Z) has come up with that everybody and their moms starts using because they think it sounds cool. Generally means he's that dude, he's the shit, or "Main Character".
"Look! Patty Mahomes threw an incredible TD pass! He's him!"
by EpsteinWeinstein69 January 24, 2023
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A set of pronouns most commonly used by men, he/him pronouns can be used by women and non-binary/gender non conforming people as well
“He is over there” “His bag is over there”
“My pronouns are he/him
“Sarah’s preferred pronouns are He/him although he’s a girl”
by Fennwiffthehomo July 23, 2021
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He/Him are people who usually pull the baddest Bitches out there, the be having the most HUGE dick, and are always horny asf (they're also kind and amazing ppl)
Girl 1: "You see that guy over there?"
Girl 2: "That my boyfriend, his pronouns are He/Him"
Girl 1: "oh really? I didn't know that,"
Girl 2: "well now you know"
Girl 1: "He's hot"
Girl 2: "I know, and he has a HUGE dick🤤"
Girl 1: "how big is it?"
Girl 2: "8 inches"
Girl 1: "oh.... You wonna do a threesome with both is and your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "أعود بالله من الشيطان الرجيم"
by Isuckonyomomspussy March 7, 2022
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the descriptor of a vagina belonging to a person who uses he/him pronouns, oftentimes a trans man.
"None of you can handle the he/him pussy"
by the orpheus that didnt turn January 21, 2022
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