A set of pronouns mainly used by women and some non-binary people.
Hello, my name is Sarah and I use she/her pronouns!
by The Living Graveyard October 27, 2020
Code term for when you want to discreetly discuss destroying a female that you do not like.
Female 1: Hey you know that girl we don't like? Let's go she the fuck out of her!
Female 2: Fuck yeah! She won't know what hit her!
Female 3: We'll she-her so hard!
by Ilikeunicornsalot February 13, 2012
A woman who believes that she is a homosexual male. Usually a rare label and mostly used by people similar to Hesbians.

These woman fetishize homosexuals.
I am a she/her gay, not a man.
by uwuxoxzo October 14, 2020
when a girl is on her period
"aye bruh you smashed last night?"
"nahh, she on her strawberry"
"awhh mannn"
by pussydestoryer123 August 9, 2016
it means shes on her period. like the dot at the end of this sentence is a period. ba.dum.ts.
Fukboi:yo gurl wanna go out

Gurl:fuk no biatch

Fukboi:dam shes on her dot
by FUKBOI1014 April 11, 2016
A mature, sexy crazy classy cool chick/WOMAN that has GOT HER OWN.. meaning she can take care of herself, her business, her own shit. She got everything down on her OWN. She don't need no man or anyone else, cause she is independent. She can take responsibility for her own grown ass actions and can pay her own bills and has has the maturity as well as the presence of someone handlin they business. Respected Lady forsure.
She don't need his money, SHE GOT HER OWN.
She doesn't need his car, and house, cause she got her own.
by Classycrazycool September 3, 2010
British term for a woman who is very intoxicated
Maria is very drunk tonight.

Yeah man, she's off her tits!
by raen8 November 9, 2010