When the only thing on your for you page is max dressler, lil huddy and the hype house. Basically it means that your tiktok for you page is boring and probably so are you.
"I hate starting a new tiktok account because the only thing i see is straight tiktok."
by main_character May 15, 2020
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A name to categorize bland, unfunny, boring, and uninteresting videos on the video-sharing platform TikTok. (Does not necessarily correlate with one’s sexuality)
I think Molly is on straight TikTok. Her for-you page is a bunch of shirtless teenage boys dancing.
by IAmHelloForU June 4, 2020
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when your for you page is full of shirtless teenage boys, dancing, povs and mainly the hype house(in other words fucking boring). it has nothing to do with your sexuality.
person 1: so what’s on your for you page?
person 2: it’s just charli.
person 1: ohh so you’re on straight tiktok!
by youwillbemybae June 8, 2020
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a person: yeah, im on straight tiktok
*everyone else leaves*
by gaydahaha April 4, 2021
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straight tiktok is an insult used to make fun of boring content like people who dance to everything on tiktok or basically just maxdressler and joshrichards
when coming across a scary video on tiktok you might say “what in the straight tiktok is this?”
by pale_person June 24, 2020
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straight tiktok is the shitty side of tiktok where your for you page is shitty povs, dances, fuckboys, the hypehouse, quirky shit, over-used jokes/trends and shitty relatable tiktoks. tiktokers that are on straight tiktok are usually attractive but with no fun sense of humour and are really boring people with no taste.
avani is on straight tiktok.
by GENYOES June 23, 2020
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white girls who still do the renegade (( mostly the ones who are blonde )) and the ones who claim their on alt tiktok, deep tiktok and who still do the Christmas countdown when its in the middle of july! and their fyp is full of noah beck, charli damelio , addision rae, larray, tony l*pez & many more !
alt friend : hey have u heard the new alt sounds??
straight tiktok friend :uhhh no? lol
by A R I $ $ A August 26, 2020
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