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Social Deprivation - a political and/or economic policy that seeks to enrich the wealthiest members of a society by minimizing the upkeep of the public commons and social institutions - especially those providing services and regulation related to health, impoverishment and education.
As a result of the Governor's policy of Social Deprivation, tax revenue that should have gone to road and bridge repair was instead given to the wealthiest citizens of the state in the form of a millionaire tax break.
by maximo hudson August 11, 2011

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An act of violence or violent intimidation carried out against an individual or group of individuals because of their Islamic faith. A hate crime.
The bomb threat phoned into the mosque by a man screaming disparaging remarks about the Prophet Mohammed was deemed an act of anti-Islamic terrorism by the authorities.
by maximo hudson August 31, 2010

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The perception that (despite much effort) no progress is actually being made as one attempts to struggle forward with one's life. From salmon run + (tape or film) loop; combining the difficultly encountered by salmon as they head upstream to spawn and the endless repetition of a film or tape loop.
Every month it was the same thing: a salmon run loop of cutting back on everything in order to keep up with the spiraling interest on the family's credit cards.
by maximo hudson June 26, 2009

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A person whose online activities generates spam on your computer. Usually a boyfriend or husband.
Not only did Glenda's boyfriend screw up her Firefox preferences whenever he used her computer, the websites he visited also made him an unwanted spam donor.
by maximo hudson June 04, 2009

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The personification of the vast amount Tibetan Buddhist teaching available on the internet.
Since moving, I no longer have access to a guru, so I'll just go online and ask Lama Internet.
by maximo hudson May 16, 2009

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Transcending the madness of day-to-day existence with the spiritual equipoise of a buddha. From the headline: World's Largest Buddha Rises Above Phuket.
"I'd like to recommend Johnson for the project, since it is fraught with organizational difficulty, and he is constantly rising above Phuket ."

by maximo hudson March 02, 2009

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The essence of the equation. The pertinent point. That which lies at the heart of the matter, adjusted for inflation.
Where the TARP money went is the sixty-four billion dollar question.
by maximo hudson February 03, 2009

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