Suffix added to any noun to describe the biggest/baddest/meanest/nastiest of its type. Dervied from Godzilla, Japan's national hero, 60's movie star, and general all around badass.
My kitty got the name "Catzilla" after he clawed up the Rottweiler from down the street.
by 1SPectre4U January 12, 2004
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adj.; when used as a suffix for a proper name or specific entity, becomes part of that noun.

Derived from Godzilla, the gargantuan reptilian star of Japanese "B" horror movie genre. Introduced in 1954 as "Gojira", Godzilla is the embodiment of all that is massive, destructive, and extremely difficult to defeat. Ergo, "'zilla" in both the stand-alone adjective and suffix forms represents those same charecteristics. Linguistically, the "z-l" combo has stronger audiological punch than "j-r", thus giving "'zilla" more connotative power than "'jira".
The neighborhood chug-a-lug champ might be referred to as "Beerzilla."

The creator of Micorsoft could easily be dubbed "Gateszilla."

My mother-in-law truly lives up to her nickname, Janezilla.
by fugitive247 June 22, 2005
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Derived from Godzilla, it could be another word for "monster", or just the meanest, baddest thing of any type of person or animal
Derek: Bro, why is ya wife such a "Bitchzilla"?
by MadMenace June 23, 2014
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i got zilla cash

i finna get some zilla brain
by deez nuts December 31, 2009
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another term of monster, basically, it come from godzilla, but now, zilla it self trend to means any type of monster, like kingkong, godzilla,dinosaur,Jaws..etc
"look, dad, what a zilla!" Neo point to the sky, while a big monster just there, huge, and cool.
by DigiZilla June 25, 2006
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1. a type of vann
2. a sooners fan
3. a choker
damn that sooners fan got in a vann and watched his team choke like a zilla
by sprtsgy1989 November 21, 2012
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1) An abnormaly obese woman, 2) An extremely ugly woman.
by brain lova October 2, 2003
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