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Actually Calico is a U.S. weapons manufacturer. The weapon you are thinking of is the model 950 which is made by Calico. It uses a two part roller rocker bolt with a cylinder style magazine sitting on top. It usually holds 50 rounds however a 100 round version is available. Another close cousin to the model 950 is the 960A which is a submachine gun version which fires from a closed bolt position and is approximately twice the 950's length. Both weapons use the same magazine however.
People better stop getting their definitions of Calico from 50cent songs.
by James January 21, 2004
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A type of gun which can hold up to 100 rounds since the clip is a horizontal cylinder which sits on top of the barrel.
Calico, 100 shots... "50 cent - guns for sale"
by FETUS5000 September 09, 2003
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A champion exhibit of a woman, one that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner.
did you see that foxy chick with the blue eyes?
She is calico all the way!!
by thirtyone December 05, 2005
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The process of loading a "clip" or "magazine" in a pistol or rifle "mixxed" etc full jacket, hollow point, lead tip, slug etc... a mix of bullets that have all different uses to cross any lines from bullet proof vests to pcp drug induced fiends
fool better watch it before i hit him with the CALICO
by oLIFERUINERo May 18, 2010
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A certain type of cat whose fur can be used to achive a hullucinagenic state when smoked through a pipe. These cats are generally found in the greater Maine area, and are large and oderous. The discovery that these cats could actually be smoked was discovered by Sam "The Cat Smoker" Jenkins, when he mistook a calico cat for a cigarette.
While some prefer smoking cigarettes or other tabacco products, I distinctly prefer tokin' a calico.
by Jenkins December 13, 2004
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1. A sexy lady, usually a cougar, that has three different colors in her hair. Usually this is an effort to look hip and young and even though it fails, it certainly catches attention.
Jack- "Dude, check out that cougar"

Jim- "Yeah man, she's a calico. Nice"
by yourmomismygirlfriend September 07, 2010
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An older woman in their late 60s to mid 70s. She has been through it all: wars, depression, and the plague. She is coming around the block for another go at the young men. She bares flashy jewelry, diamonds, etc. She has a "If you got it, flaunt it" attitude.
So I skipped the cougar bar and went straight for the calico's, what a good time.
by missmeeshiko September 21, 2009
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