1) The most prominent (And just about only) Finnish composer. Lived from the late nineteenth century well into the middle of the twentieth. Famous for his seven symphonies, particularly the second and the fifth. Also produced such well known classical pieces as 'Finlandia', Finland's unofficial anthem, Valse Triste', his Violin Concerto, and his choral symphony 'Kullervo'. Although he lived up to 1952, he did not compose any new pieces after approximately 1920.

2) A music notation program known among the musical community for being annoyingly overpriced and very useful at the same time.
Sibelius is the only composer I know who can write music that reduces an entire audience to tears with his music (well, rappers can, but in a different way)
by Lemminkainen September 6, 2010
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a computer program that music teachers use to cheat
Student #1: Can you make me a CD of my vocal part?
Teacher: Sure, I just have to download Sibelius.
by Patrick0124578 March 10, 2009
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