264 definition by max

same as poop's entry
i dont like examples
by max March 23, 2004

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More things than you want to count.
dude, you have a shitload of bongs in your kitchen.
by Max September 18, 2003

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another word for crap or shit or poop but approximately 74% funnier
holy pap what in the pap is going on!?
you paphole why don't you go drink some pap!
by max May 06, 2003

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A white person who acts black (ie, acts like he was raised by apes.) Similar to wigger.
that kid is such a fucking tarzan bitch
by max December 01, 2004

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A pretty good ska band back in 1998. Then guitarist/singer Tomas Kalnoky and bassist Josh Ansley and trumpeter/trombonist Jamie Egan left to start another band called Streetlight Manifesto, who are now awesome. Catch 22, on the other hand, shifted new band members and now sucks.
Wow, Catch 22 sucks now.
by Max January 22, 2004

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The best game ever, it's a first person shooter, whitch offers many game types, and it has THE BEST ONLINE GAMEPLAY EVER!
Oh, god. My dick is soar...
From what?
I've been raping you too hard.
by Max February 22, 2005

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(noun) a drug addict (usually a crackhead) who sells, or procures for sale, stolen items in order to support his or her drug habit.
That pager wanted money for a rock so he tried to sell me a camera.
by max March 10, 2004

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