An exchange of semen during oral sex.

A guy ejaculates into his partner's mouth during oral sex, and then semen is passed back into the mouth of the guy who just ejaculated through kissing.

This can involve multiple partners, and the term can also be used when the guy who just came didn't know his partner was going to transfer his semen back to him.
Fred's girlfriend is giving him oral sex; she ejaculates and she gives him a big wet french kiss before she swallows. Fred's been snowballed!
by elementalangst May 20, 2006
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when a woman gives dome to a man than procede to either.

A) kiss him
B) kiss another man in the near future without his knowledge.
damn that slut gave kale dome then made out with dodge?

that bitch ngot snowballed!
by poon tizzle1 October 12, 2006
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when i woman give head to a man then procedes to kiss him.
damn that slut gave kale dome then made out with dodge.... that bitch got snowballed
by pooty_tang October 12, 2006
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A situation where a criminal has found themselves in possession of an easy target and proceeds to rob them and leave them mortally wounded for fun, a synonym for getting iced.
This lady thought she was safe picking up a heterosexual couple who was hitchhiking, but the State troopers found her car on the side of the road and it looks like her passengers snowballed her.
by SpeakerWiggin49 May 21, 2020
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An act where cum is passed from one person's mouth to another's mouth.
Faye would only give Kev a blowjob if he agreed to try his own cum, they ended up snowballing as Faye's great at blowjobs and Kev didn't want to lose out
by Scotch Jock December 22, 2021
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A sexual game when after someone has had sperm ejaculated into their mouth they hold it orally rather than spitting or swallowing, then french-kiss with their partner.
Smasher, Beef, and Skeeter spent Saturday night snowballing and hitting the slopes.
by HogSwinger August 25, 2019
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