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Like its four letter cousin but much more jocular, for use in non-serious but very annoying circumstances.
I just spilt coffee all over my keyboard, fell off my chair into a puddle of catsick and accidentally sent the text to my boss I was just writing to get out some feelings; fauuck. :(
by mattJ November 10, 2004

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Jerking off and orange juice; Masturbating in the morning (i.e. before breakfast).
Sorry I'm late, I was just finishing some J.O. and O.J.
by Mattj June 07, 2016

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1. A term usually used by people under the influence of a mind altering drug (most commonly cannabis) to describe objects that resemble waves or curvy lines.
2. The name used to describe the emoticon :S
1. Man, the ceiling sure is squibly skwobly.
2. I drew a squibly skwobly on your face.
by mattj July 26, 2004

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you+all+are; a word used to describe a group of people efficiently.
(to a group of ignorant people): Y'allre stupid
by Mattj May 28, 2016

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When an older woman (65 or older) squirts into an ice cube tray, freezes it, and gives it to a younger male, claiming it is hard candy.
Chris: Beatrice granny's candy-ed James the other day and he got so pissed.

Mike: (Twitter post) Just caught my grandma trying to give my friend some granny's candy. #squirtinyourmouth
by Mattj June 29, 2014

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Similar to butt dialing, but with FaceTime
I just checked my phone and saw that I buttfaced my ex.
by Mattj October 10, 2016

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