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From the verb "To Novel". This is where you have intercourse with someone (generally a woman using doggy style or a man) whilst reading out extracts from Charles Dickens.
Phil: I indulged in a bit of novelling with Susie last night
Adam: Really!? What's she into?
Phil: It has to be said, the bitch loves "A Tale of Two Cities"
by matrixbadger February 16, 2009
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A really smelly, runny shit. Named "Poostripes" because of his messy and diarrhoea-like qualities.
Phil: Holy shit! I just took a messy dump!
Adam: Let's call him Mr Poostripes!
by matrixbadger February 17, 2009
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Having to put one's mouth over the top of a newly-opened beer bottle/can in order to prevent overflow. Looks quite like a clumsy blowjob, hence the name.
My beer started to froth up, so I had to give in and give it a brewjob.
by matrixbadger October 18, 2009
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Same as well 'ard, rock hard. Used to describe someone who is likely to come out victorious in a combat situation. Also used to boost one's ego.
Pronounced "brick 'ard"
Phil: Hey, what is he doing?
Chav 1: Don't mess, he's brick hard!

Jenny: Wow! How did you do that?
Phil: Oh you know me, I'm brick 'ard
by matrixbadger December 04, 2007
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A command used during any good drinking game, pretty much self-explanatory.
*Person 1 fails task*
Person 2: CONSUME!
*Person 1 drinks*
by matrixbadger July 28, 2009
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A section of flab on the stomach of a chodney. Also known as a spare tire. A veritable insult in its own right.
Bunny: Scott you're a lanky prick!
Scott: Fuck off, you chodney ripple!
by matrixbadger May 30, 2009
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