18 definition by matrixbadger

A command used during any good drinking game, pretty much self-explanatory.
*Person 1 fails task*
Person 2: CONSUME!
*Person 1 drinks*
by matrixbadger July 28, 2009

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A slim girl with an ugly face.
Phil could only see the girl from behind and was suitably impressed, until she turned around and he realised that she was a total shred pixie
by matrixbadger July 19, 2009

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Having to put one's mouth over the top of a newly-opened beer bottle/can in order to prevent overflow. Looks quite like a clumsy blowjob, hence the name.
My beer started to froth up, so I had to give in and give it a brewjob.
by matrixbadger October 18, 2009

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A short, fat man/boy. Basically a fat dwarf. Often hairy and unattractive.
Eric Cartman is a chodney.
by matrixbadger May 30, 2009

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