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A small, picturesque university city in southern England. Renowned for its rah population to rival Durham, Oxford and Cambridge.
A lovely day out for all the family.
Tarquin: "Oh, bother. I didn't quite make it into my first choice university. Nevermind, I'll be jolly happy in Exeter!"
by mary moo May 13, 2005

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Piggle (verb)

Most commonly used to refer to the quick picking/scraping action of the finger and fingernail when trying to remove a stubborn sticky label from a surface, but applies whenever this action is used.
"Have you taken the label off Bob's present yet?"

"It's a toughie but I'm trying - I'm halfway through piggling it off!"
by mary moo May 16, 2005

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1) Good way to make yourself look pretty damn cool at the same time as adding no weight whatsoever behind the obviously controversial statement that you have just made.

2)The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) - the big FACT symbol you see during the trailers when you go to the cinema.
1) "We are the fittest, bestest, cleverest and most popular girls in the whole world. FACT."

1&2) "When I actually get a real job I'm going to work for FACT. FACT."
by mary moo May 11, 2005

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Derived from blouse, usually said in an aggressive scary voice.

Can be used to mean virtually anything and will always sound in context. Often used as a greeting, or to express irritation or despondency.
jo: "Helen always wears blouses"
ali: "yeah, lets buy her something other than a blouse"
jo: "BLOUSE"
ali: "BLAUS!"
jo: "BLAUS!"
by mary moo May 07, 2005

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deliberately poor french, used to mean "great" or "that's really good" etc.

nearest translation something like "lots of the good"...
"did you have a good weekend?"
"ah bien sur, it was beaucoup de la bon thanks. did you?"
by mary moo May 06, 2005

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The magical day before Monday and after Sunday. The perfect day to plan to do things you can't really afford the time to do during the week. Alternatively, anything you can't remember when or if it happened, say it happened on Smonday.

Originated from some confusion when a weekly TV guide missed the date between a Sunday and a Monday, leaving the only explanation that the missing date fell on a Smonday.
"Do you fancy going to the theatre this week Bob?"
"Yeah, but I'm really busy and can't really afford it. Can we go on Smonday?"

"Do you remember when you tripped up and your wabs fell out in front of all the guys in that club?"
"Erm... that never happened!"
"Erm, yes it did! I think you'll find it was last Smonday."
by mary moo May 16, 2005

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Taken from the teenage chav character Vicki Pollard in the British comedy sketch show Little Britain.

Often adds this onto the end of her very fast ignorant chav sentences to qualify something really stupid she has done.

Can be added to the end of any appropriate (or, in fact, inappropriate) sentence in everyday conversation to make it sound funny/"cool"/common/comically ignorant/indicate a joke. Must be said in Vicki's unique accent blend of west country chav.
Doctor: "Vicki, you're pregnant. You must have had sex at least once. Do you remember?"

Vicki: "yeahbutnobut... yeahwelli'veneverevenhadsex exceptforthatonetime8monthsago withwayne'sbrotherdownbytheparknearthembins andthatwasFORAJOKE"
by mary moo July 07, 2005

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