A cross between a pit bull terrier and a beagle.
Our dog, "Major", is a pit bull and beagle mix, which makes him a piggle. If a pug and beagle mix is a puggle, then it stands to reason that a pit bull and beagle mix would be a "piggle".
by MizzouCrew September 14, 2010
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The newest gender neutral pronoun that's out there y'all! Tired of trying to fit in with those age-old labels like 'He' or 'She', insulted by being called an 'It' or 'They', don't associate with 'Zhe'??? Well then good citizen of the world, 'Piggles' is definitely for YOU!

The plural form of Piggles is also meant to be used to refer to an awesome bunch of peeps for whom 'They' and 'Y'all' just doesn't cut it.

That's Alex, piggles went to SPROG with me!

I'm missing my piggles!
by PigglesPagglesPuggles August 05, 2011
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Piggle (verb)

Most commonly used to refer to the quick picking/scraping action of the finger and fingernail when trying to remove a stubborn sticky label from a surface, but applies whenever this action is used.
"Have you taken the label off Bob's present yet?"

"It's a toughie but I'm trying - I'm halfway through piggling it off!"
by mary moo May 16, 2005
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1. Eating excessive amounts of food
2. Acting in an untoward way to others
3. Can be used in replacement of "fatty" "imbecile" "idiot" "stupid" "fat pie" etc

Must be said in a 'gollum' like voice.
"Even though I've had a subway, chips, five ice creams and a wham! bar, I'm still hungry"
"... PIGGLES!"
by htown language May 16, 2008
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A nickname for Eric Pickles, Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar.

He is so-called because of his excessive weight and porcine visage.
Who is Piggles to lecture people about losing weight?
by mrmugwump August 14, 2010
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