The anxiety and sadness you get on Sunday when you realise it's Monday the next day.
"Smonday urghh "
"Nooo, it feels like Smonday"
by -Chloe- October 29, 2019
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The later part of Sunday when one is busy working to be ready for Monday. Smonday is a very taxing period of time, usually involves no sleep the night between Sunday and Monday. Involves large amounts of caffeine intake. More relevant to business executives and students.
Example 1:
"I can deal with Monday but it's Smonday that kills me."

Example 2:
Boss: "Venkateswaran, lets have the reports ready on my desk by Monday morning. And enjoy your weekend buddy!"
Venkateswaran (to himself): "Enjoy my weekend my &*%! No sleep two Smondays in a row, damn it"
by linguistiky September 24, 2007
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When Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday starts to kick in.
Person 1: uh oh, it's starting to become a smonday
Person 2: smonday? OH NO
by TheLolicon27 June 3, 2019
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Coming to the realization in the later half of a Sunday that you wasted another weekend and getting depressed.
Ugh just another smonday amirite?
by SloppyJoseph01 May 11, 2017
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"Smonday" is a word you would use if your partying goes a little beyond normal standards and escalates into Monday, technically under those circumstances it's not really a "Monday" so to speak.
Hey guys are we gonna be taking a Smonday? We might as well since it's so far into the night (Sunday night) and we're still having a blast! True 'dat.
by Kataaa January 29, 2020
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Smonday: A Monday Holiday that feels like Sunday
AKA a Long Weekend WooHoo
What are you doing on Smonday?
by Icucmeicu2 February 20, 2017
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Strategically fusing your Sunday with your Monday using copious and various amounts of alcoholic beverages. On a Smonday one may be seen in his or her same attire he or she did or did not sleep in from the night before. Smonday will commence as soon as a Saturday is over.

In order to truly celebrate a Smonday, one must be extremely hungover from the night before.
"Oh my gosh! I saw Susie in that same outfit last night at the club, now she is drinking Mimosa's at Denny's and its only 11:30 am...she is having one hell of a Smonday!"
by ihearthandgrenades April 4, 2008
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