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a term used in tf2 when a medic healing someone is taking fire, so another medic heals the original medic to keep them alive.
medic: i need a medic!

medic 2: i gotchu fam. medic chain activate.
by mantis_shrimp January 26, 2019

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where you sign out and back in instead of restarting the computer as a faster but less effective solution to bugs and whatnot
"i just soft restarted my computer. It fixed the problem I had with Fallout New Vegas"
by mantis_shrimp January 09, 2019

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a secret whistle used by dogs so they can identify each other as members of the cool whistling dog club
*dog whistle*
ayy it's Fido! Those scones you brought to the last meeting were bomb!
by mantis_shrimp August 03, 2020

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A slang term for an extremely large, black dildo, covered in sparkles. Can be used to confuse people.
Person 1:My mom stuck todd in her ass last night
Person 2: what the fuck
by mantis_shrimp February 28, 2018

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a desire to love someone in a non sexual way
Damn, i've got a love boner for Bryelle. That's someone i would watch a movie and cuddle with
by mantis_shrimp September 05, 2019

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"Ugandan Chungus" means "I'm a fucking retard" in every language.
Me: hi
Retard: ugandan chungus lol
me, writing on clipboard: severely mentally disabled, belongs in insane asylum
via giphy
by mantis_shrimp March 15, 2019

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when a dude gets hit in the balls and every other dude in the room feels it
"Yeah, Joe got kicked in the balls and I got a nuttooth connection"
by mantis_shrimp February 21, 2020

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