a very unfunny meme made to appeal to the lowest common denominator of shitheads that wanna fit in
Mark: Hey man, have you seen the new ugandan chungus meme?
Jim: Sorry dude, I'm not 12.
by jooceman1 January 10, 2019
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This big boi will ask you for the way, you must obey his commands and never disobey or it will tpose on you and you will be destroyed. Or it will give you the big LiGmA.
Big Ugandan Chungus is superior just except it.
by realBigChungus January 02, 2019
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The most fabulous and powerful creature since the Ugandan Knuckles which arrived in December 2017.
Boy 1: "Have you heard about the Ugandan Chungus meme?"
Boy 2: "No, that meme sounds as dead as the Ugandan Knuckles meme, you normie".
*Boy 1 dies*
by BlazingZ January 14, 2019
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"Ugandan Chungus" means "I'm a fucking retard" in every language.
Me: hi
Retard: ugandan chungus lol
me, writing on clipboard: severely mentally disabled, belongs in insane asylum
by mantis_shrimp March 15, 2019
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the last thing you'd want in your ugandan chungus is ugandan chungus fungus. a 4channer uploaded a photo with the caption "this is the ugandan chungus you eat at chungus king"
guy 1: number 15: ugandan chungus fungus

guy 2: SHUT UP!!!!1!! sound effect (from smosh(
by ugandanchungusfungusbungus April 08, 2019
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