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An overwhelming urge to purchase an item of no practical value and/or out of once price range purely based on its appearance.
Usually the item in question is either glittery or catching the light causing the victim to become entranced by said item.

At the risk of sounding sexist it primarily affects women where shoes are concerned and men in car show rooms.
“I know I can’t walk in heals, let alone 6 inch ones but they looked so pretty glistening away in the shop window, I succumbed to the magpie effect instantaneously.”
by madgie February 04, 2010
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A collective noun used to describe a group of women who are indiscriminately affectionate towards the opposite sex. In the wild they can normally be found congregated in bus/train stations and shop windows. Their dietary requirements (Cider and Cigarettes‘) tend to have resulted in sub-par dental hygiene. Their mating “Oh but your lush” and "fancy a shag" can often be heard from as far as half a mile from the point of origin. However those lacking a y chromosome should approach with caution as the battle cry “what you looking” is usually followed by quick and decisive action by some or all members of the group.

These women are not to be confused with Chavs who despite their reputation are often a peace loving people. A slaglgle can emerge from any subculture, they are categorised by their attitude not their dress sense.
My friend was set upon by a slaggle last night, he managed to fend them off by throwing a bottle of Cider into the centre of the group and letting them fight it out while he ran like hell in the opposite direction.
by madgie December 21, 2009
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When a person mix CD’s or MP3 collection is so eclectic that it causes a shock every time the track changes. The most server cases of musical whiplash are experienced at house parties where the change in style can be so traumatic to the guests that they begin to dance in an erratic and deranged fashion e.g. moshing to pop, skanking to metal and street dancing to ska.
I was happily listening to Pantera in blanks car the other day then Miley Cyrus came on, I carried on head banging wound up with a full blown case of musical whiplash.
by madgie December 21, 2009
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The strange phenomenon resulting from two people who do not like each other but have mutual friends being forced to be in the same room. As neither person want to cause a fraction with in the group both try to keep the piece, however rather than just being civil with one an other they become overly nice and complimentary.
Amy: Oh my god I absolutely love your new shoes.
Sarah: Really? Thank you, I love your dress!

Behind the others back

Sarah: That dress makes her look like a pregnant care bear. F**king Bitch!
Amy: Oh my god did you see her shoes she looks like a street walker. Slut!

Lauren: Sarah and Amy are haveing false off again, what do we do
Hannah: Oh just leave them to it hopefully they'll scratch eachothers eyes out and I wont have to hear them bitch anymore.
by madgie August 13, 2010
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A combination of the fluids resulting from both male and female ejaculation. Usually causing a heated debate as to who is going to sleep in the wet patch.
I would rather sleep on a park bench than in a puddle of sexcrament.
by madgie December 17, 2009
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A type of hang over that catches the victim completely unaware. After a night of heavy drinking the victim will be lulled into a false sense of security when they awake in the morning with a clear head and a sunny disposition. The hangover will then ambush the victim some time in the late afternoon.
I drank far too much last night but I awoke bright as a button at 9am. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do some DIY that I had been putting, however at around 2pm I was struck down by a merciless guerrilla hangover and spent the remainder of the day with my head in the toilet.
by madgie March 07, 2010
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