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A collective noun used to describe a group of women who are indiscriminately affectionate towards the opposite sex. In the wild they can normally be found congregated in bus/train stations and shop windows. Their dietary requirements (Cider and Cigarettes‘) tend to have resulted in sub-par dental hygiene. Their mating “Oh but your lush” and "fancy a shag" can often be heard from as far as half a mile from the point of origin. However those lacking a y chromosome should approach with caution as the battle cry “what you looking” is usually followed by quick and decisive action by some or all members of the group.

These women are not to be confused with Chavs who despite their reputation are often a peace loving people. A slaglgle can emerge from any subculture, they are categorised by their attitude not their dress sense.
My friend was set upon by a slaggle last night, he managed to fend them off by throwing a bottle of Cider into the centre of the group and letting them fight it out while he ran like hell in the opposite direction.
by madgie December 21, 2009
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The collective noun for a group of girls who are generous with their affections
Man 1 : "Fancy going to a cheap low profile club tonight?"
Man 2 : "Yeah ok, Romeo from So Solid Crew or some equally tactless D List Celebrity will be there, there's bound to be a few Slaggles there to get our freak on with"
by Ryan A April 26, 2006
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