9 definitions by mackieronii

when someone's looking really good and doing their own thing
Dang! Look at that guy stuntin in those Red Octobers!
by mackieronii August 12, 2017
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when something is just way too good to be true
that movie was so good, it was milf money!
by mackieronii September 7, 2020
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a cooler and shorter way to say gossip
usually meaning drama or conflict
Hey! Haven't seen you since math class! Do you have any goss?
by mackieronii November 3, 2019
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it's like particular but like also a dick.
this teacher was mad freaking partickey about this mad freaking stupid essay.
by mackieronii October 2, 2020
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when you are a rebellious human being doing rebellious things
you filthy rebel lion, don't steal all those pantyhose!
by mackieronii January 24, 2016
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the act of posting on your private story, specifically on Snapchat
I spend too much time privving, I can't get my homework done!
by mackieronii December 9, 2020
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a song that makes your booty pop due to its level of nostalgia or sick beat
Fifth Harmony's whole discography are bootypoppin jamz!
by mackieronii August 12, 2017
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