when girls (sometimes men) are physically capable of separating their butt cheeks and shake it. their is no movement in anyother body part, not the legs or lower back, just simply the bootay. its crazyyy
dayum dat beezy sure no how to booty pop that ass.
by PIMPMaSTERMOFO September 27, 2006
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Contrary to what some may think, this is not a form of dance but more accurately described as a traditional, tribal mating display.
by MariaCasting January 23, 2012
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panties that make lil booties POP!!! (mostly for little white girls) aka enhancing underwear that gives you junk in yo trunk.
My girl wears two pair of booty pops, her ass look good, but when we gets bizzy she aint got nothing for me to holds on to, aint that a bitch.
by gr8headgetter June 5, 2009
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When low on funds or looking to get drunk quickly, people will put a shot of alcohol in the rectum where it is absorbed directly into the blood stream instead of being filtered by the stomach and liver.
There's not enough booze to get drunk, well not if we drink it but if we do a booty pop....
by mean_Gene April 30, 2019
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When a girl butt looks straight and flat from a forward angle but when you look at it from the side it is actually big
Omg I swear Aliyah has a pop booty it was soo flat but when I moved around it was the biggest but I've ever seen
by Iwasnothere123 May 11, 2017
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when you slice open your stomach... take out the intestines and hang yourself with them while simulataniously jacking off
Ahh i watched this one bitch give herself a booty scadoodle pop and she jizzed on my spaghetti
by Hugh G Rectiondickcheese420 November 9, 2010
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