a cooler and shorter way to say gossip
usually meaning drama or conflict
Hey! Haven't seen you since math class! Do you have any goss?
by mackieronii November 3, 2019
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A word short for gossip, used only by those who participater in the creation or spreading of gossip
Oh... My... GAWD! Gurl, Shaniqua's got some straight up goss on Lawfanduh!
by Derek Byrd January 27, 2005
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An act that occurs when you're about to hook up with a girl and someone intervenes, not only cockblocking you, but hooking up with that girl as well. A notable feature of a goss is the subtlety of the act, as it normally occurs when you

have your back turned or in any case when you temporarily focus attention away from your potential hook-up.
If I get gossed one more time, I'm going to cockslap the next random dude that walks by me.
by imacbsfn November 10, 2009
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When a person steals your lady friend. When you're gone for a split second and she gets taken by another person.
My friend gossed my prom date on his boat.
by haneiac November 17, 2009
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To screw up in a funny way. Can be used in any situation. Can also be used in different tenses.
Don't goss it!" "You totally gossed it!" "You're gonna goss it.
by Rupert Pupskin April 4, 2011
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"dibs" - as in to call "First" or "shotgun", especially as it relates to claiming property and/or land.
I've got goss on that village.


I call goss on your property.
by All In February 13, 2008
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Slang for the genital area,male or female.
Nikki is so nasty,you can smell her goss pussy20ft away.
by Dante's queen December 2, 2014
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