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A fungus that infects cereal grains, forming small black masses of material that replace many grains of the plant; source of medicinal alkaloids and of ergotamine, a precursor of LSD.
Ergot fungus was the cause of the phenomena St. Anthony's Fire.
by mack June 18, 2004
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to knock boots with a member of the oposite sex, as in close the deal
"what ever happened with that female last night?"

"shoot... you know..."

well what happened? did you close?

"you know it"
by mack July 19, 2006
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Stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Similar to the Junior Anti-Sex League in George Orwell's 1984, it is a federally funded organization designed to distribute misinformation about the dangers of scheduled substances. Unfortunately, the false information is easily absorbed by children's impressionable minds, so that they grow up with a notion that illegal drugs are all bad, which, in the long run, diminishes their ability to question government motive and action, and increases blind faith in the most obnoxious of government propaganda.
I was kicked out of D.A.R.E. when I was 13 because I told the glass that after several millenia of use, marijuana has never caused a single direct fatality.
by mack June 23, 2004
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Wow, I can't wait to give that domer a domer.
by mack September 14, 2003
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a form of hydroponically grown marijuana that gets the smoker so high he/she starts to experience mild hallucinations
say dog, you got the bud?

yo, dude. i got that drocus pocus!

well, shoot... lets fire it up then
by mack June 27, 2006
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To come in late, work from home, or work "virtual". ie. Avoid work if at all possible
by mack December 10, 2004
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