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The german way of saying "no" or "never"
dave:jtj believes in jesus
by lord May 04, 2003

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Diarrhea; excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces. Also known as the D. Reference to what happens to you when you drink the water in Mexico.
He ate a chimichanga today and it gave him the Montezuma voodoo.
by lord January 17, 2005

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1. the dictator of Iraq
2. the target of U.S. militant operatons
3. someone who is unquestionably insane
1. Saddam was control of Iraq, now he is not.
2. The U.S. removed Saddam from power, a valiant effort, but plain stupid in light of the fact that we support such other dictators such as the Saudis, so in that sense it's kind of like slapping one of your kids for one thing and bending over for the other one who does the same.
3. That f#@$er is beyond saddam
by Lord June 24, 2003

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Stereotypical middle-aged, balding, hawaiian-shirt wearing, IROC Camaro driving man with a beer gut, rose gradient sunglasses, and a trophy wife to whom he is 20 years her senior.
I hope I never end up like -that- guy.
by lord May 11, 2004

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Bacon, Pork Products, basically Pigs.
Dickheads who walk round in blue uniform that think they are big because they have a badge, and in the Uk they have to wear a hat that looks like a huge tit on their head.
by Lord October 06, 2003

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1. a perfectly reliable car, especially the older models
2. of poor business performance
1. Wake up assholes, my Dad has been driving his 64 Chevy his entire life and it has never once failed to get us where we were going, runs great, is great, period.
2. God damn I wish Chevy had gotten the cummins contract so I wouldn't have to jack it from an old Dodge and overhaul my f-ing truck.
by Lord June 24, 2003

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