the biggest and most bad ass source of power known to mankind
holy shit look at that beast, its amazing.

teah dude,straight bad ass right there. definatly runs on a cummins.

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A diesel engine with a i6 design. Used in most dodge ram heavy duty trucks. The engine itself is to powerful for the ram to handle.
i pulled my powerstroke against a 2nd gen cummins and was loosing until the cummins torque blew the rams shitty tranny.
by cumminsgooddodgebad July 1, 2009
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the diesel engine of choic for dodge. ford has the powerjoke and chevy has the duranot. they suck. cummins power. you stay home and stroke it ill go to her house and ram it.
did you see that powerjoke i left in the dust with my cummins?! nigga never had a chance
by MJG the wise May 9, 2006
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the act of cumming but funnier, also a surname..
Chi: Check out that girl
Alan: Id cummins her hair anyday
by sosososolidcrew March 20, 2009
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Something every girl wishes her man would be driving. The most bad ass diesel engine money can buy especially the 5.9 12 valve which is way better than a power stroke or duramax which usually has 8 cylinders while the inline 6 only has 6 cylinders because the only V that should be in your truck should be riding shotgun. The only reason i would not buy a cummins is if it was a 53 block or you see a typical teenager is selling in and the only upgrades are a 5 inch straight pipe to a 8 inch tip and a 6 inch lift with a edge computer system that makes it roll coal which usually means there is something wrong with it and the dip shit wanna be country boy wasted his dads money and a HELL of an engine.
damn Henry do u hear that hummin?

yeah that must be a cummins.

(5 seconds later) yep there she is smokeing out a 6 ohh
by Tammy Bobbitt July 19, 2017
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A fairly reliable engine provided you carry gallons of oil with you when your rear main seal blows out.
Dylan: Rotella is on sale !!!

Zack : you bought another cummins didn't you ?
by Idiotsareeverywhere October 24, 2016
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A person who cums (Masturbates) a lot

A heavy masturbator, like twice everyday
Man i keep watching watch porn and then i always masturbate, i've become a cumminator! SHIT!
by punkstar August 28, 2012
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