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to make something appear better or nicer than it actually is.

Don't try to church it up man, it's a piece of shit.
by lift-ticket July 30, 2006

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A classic rock and roll band formed in the mid-sixties by Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. Pink Floyd is often only recognized by their ultra mega smash hit album "Dark Side of the Moon" (1973), when in fact they had many fantastic tunes prior the bands exploding into stardom in '73. If you happen to be unfamiliar with any early Pink Floyd albums, I reccommend Meddle, Atom Heart Mother, & Obscurred by Clouds . . . these are albums made after Syd Barrett went looney & David Gilmour joined as lead guitarist, but before they reached superstardom in '73.
Hey, Pink Floyd is awesome!!
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006

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"O" clamp or "Orgasm Clamp" is a term used to describe the action when a woman orgasms so visciously that she siezes up & clamps her legs together so tightly she forces the penis out temporarily. "O" clamp usually lasts only a few seconds, but can be very frustrating when you are doing the deed & almost there yourself when she gets selfish & forces you to wait on deck.
I was givin' it to Julie last night & about to blow when she pulled the O clamp on me & I accidentally splooged on her brand new jacket.
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006

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1. cool, or awesome
2. something unbelievable
3. positive judgement on something
Wow Tom, those free concert tickets are tittie pie brother!
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006

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a.k.a. - pecker splash,water wiener,dick dip, cock splash, etc.
Dick dunk is a term used when you cop a squat to take a shit & your pecker tip dangles down into the toilet water. An absolutely horrible occurance that requires an immediate sink splash.
Oh, I had to take a mega shit & I had no time to drive home so I had to use the gas station lou. It was ripe in there & to make matters worse, I did a little dick dunk when I sat down, so I had to do a sink splash before I even got a chance to shit.
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006

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A woman with tits as big as her head.
She looks like she as three heads because of her huge head-sized hooters.

Damn, that chick has some humongus titties, she's a fuckin' three-headed monster. (3 headed monster)
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006

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The first moment of penetration during intercourse
Alright, enough head already, let's get to the penetrado.
by lift-ticket August 14, 2006

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