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The name of a facial expression and corresponding emoji illustrating both "funny" and "guilty"; A facial expression combining a wink and a squint, with one hand covering a wide, toothy grin. Used to communicate "uh oh" and "hi hi" simultaneously, as in when you knowingly eat your best friend's last square of artisan chocolate.
I ate your last piece of caramel-and-sea-salt infused white chocolate from Florence, Italy. *squink*
by Paint Awakeโ„ข July 11, 2016
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(in front of a large crowd)
Person one: I like *insert unrequited crush*
Person two: SQUINK
by Lydtehsquid August 25, 2018
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verb - to complain, especially about trivial matters. (squinking)
noun - a person, especially my daughter, who is "high maintenance."
Adverb - Squinky, squinkish
v. She certainly does squink a lot.
v. If you don't stop that squinking, I don't know what I'll do!
n. He pinched her cheek and declared, "You're a cute little squink!"
adv. "Stop being so squinky!" She said to the three year old.
by Jim Hulme March 31, 2006
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onomatopea: the sound that is produced from a squigee on a wet window.
squink squnk went the window cleaner's squigee against the wet window
by lewis March 22, 2005
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a wet fart, one that you can literally feel liquids coming from your ass when you fart
Ahh man I squinked myself while on that roller-coaster
by bomchikkayea February 04, 2008
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