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What UD editors call a definition that they reviewed as particulary enjoyable, and worthy of being recognized as UDWOD.
I tell you what, some of these UDWOD Worthy entries could become as popular as krunk.
by Leif June 09, 2005
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It means sex, used often on radio stations so they don't get fined by the FCC. Other coralarry terms are grenis and grorgasm.
It's crazy how our privates get us in trouble and we all obsess about grex. It's just a grenis and a virginia.
by Leif May 24, 2005
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The most important day in Norway-May 17. It is Norway's 4th of July. In 2005, Norway turns 100. It is celebrated all over the world whereever you can find people with Norsk backgrounds. I already have my bottle of Aquavit in the freezer to celebrate. It is mentioned often in Minnesota.
Dude, let's break out the Aquavit! Norway's turning 100 on Syttende Mai!!
by Leif May 11, 2005
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Five letter acronym for
Chief MothaFucka In Charge

usually used by hourly people in regards to the high execs of a company
Worker Bee 1: Man, who can I complain to about these insurance increases!>!>!!?!?
Worker Bee 2: Well you can start with the manager, but I doubt it will get back to the CMFIC!
Worker Bee 1: Damn... I'd love to deep six that cracker!
by Leif May 31, 2005
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From the military, it's an acronym for
Shot in the

Usually it's a term to make reference to a person that gets a group into FUBAR occurrences multiple time.
"Ollie! You should be TOBASH! You've gotten this all FUBAR, your a freakin' clusterfuck magnet. We're gonna deep six yo ass bytch!
by Leif April 12, 2005
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Breasts that are so large that they'll end up saggin below the knees - dusting the floor.
Yeah, Amber's got huge knockers, but when she turns 40, and has had a few kids I'll bet they'll be floordusters.
by Leif April 04, 2005
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the albertan slang for spooge
i got uncle stuff in my eye
by leif November 21, 2004
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