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What UD editors call a definition that they reviewed as particulary enjoyable, and worthy of being recognized as UDWOD.
I tell you what, some of these UDWOD Worthy entries could become as popular as krunk.
by leif June 9, 2005
Enjoy all the things coming and going your way. Usually said while passing a co worker down the hall. Buff Tanner was caught saying that, and it's caught on like wildfire in DFW area.
Dude 1: I gotta go! I just got paged by that nympho.
Dude 2: Aight! Have good and get give!
by leif April 4, 2005
(n) Sensation one gets the morning after eating ethnic food containing hot peppers, especially Jalepeños. The feeling is felt from the anus about 2 inches up the rectum.
Dude 1:Whew... that was some good chow from the Messican Joint on Harry Hines.
Dude 2: Yeah, but after eating 14 armadillo eggs, I'm gonna have fire in the hole tomorrow morning.
by leif April 6, 2005
To emaul a person is to send them a gazillion emails, even though all that could get done in one 3 minute phone call. It could also happen when someone just has to forward every stupid stinking chain letter "Please send this for good luck" "Somebody loves you" "Bill Gates will send you a check! I know it's true, My brother's cousin's roomate's ex boyfreind's mother-in-law's nephew works for Microsoft" Dreck.
Since Maria didn't have IM at work, she and Jen were emauling each other all day long.

If somebody emauls me one more time about my relatives that crashed in Nigeria, I'm gonna have to deep six them.
by leif April 12, 2005
1. Caesarian section.
Came from the Ticket, Gordon Keith.

2. Can also be a salutation of farewell.
Definition 1:
Girlfriend 1: Did she have natural childbirth?
Girlfriend 2: No, the baby was breech, so she had a vaginal slice born born.

Definition 2:
Dude 1: Well, time to go see the wife and squids. Later!
Dude 2: Vaginal slice born born!
by leif February 18, 2005
Fake Russian word for VD. Used to make fun of people that like Russian Mail-order bribes.
Q: What's the Russian word for VD?
A: Rotcherkokov

I met this gal in Russia after browsing a mail-order bride site, but after I banged her, I got a bad case of rotcherkokov.
by leif April 19, 2005
Exclamation. It's a retort to someone who is whining about something rather trivial. It is said among dudes to indicate that their compadre is acting like a little girl...
Dude 1: I'm not sure I should ask her out, she might say no...
Dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!

Dude 1: Dude, you stole my beer!
dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!

Dude 1: The Prof. kicked me out of class since I didn't read the assignment.
Dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!
by leif April 12, 2005