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Also known as when someone(emo) cuts themselves across the wrist.
Emo kids usually do it because they want to die, but truthfully that is not a very productive way to do it.

This is where the term "Down the road, not across the street." (also variated with alley and stream/river) originated.

Cutting yourself across the street will just be painful. Chances are it won't kill you, unless you're a hemophiliac. You can still do it if you are emo enough to prove you're hardcore.
When will they learn!? Cutting across the street does nothing! Down the road, all the way!
by Wolfin_ May 10, 2006
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A way of conveying a location (e.g. a building) that is across a roadway from another location. It doesn’t necessarily mean directly across but can also refer to a location that is at least a block down the road and across.
The bar is across the street, bitch. Not directly across. But across and one block down.
by Frustrated Hubby January 27, 2018
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