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A beast known as Super Mario's TRUE nemesis. This turtle-like creature first appeared on the very first Super Mario game for the old-school Nintendo and was first known as the demon king turtle but later was changed to king Bowser. in Japan and to some ignorant folks in the USA call him Koopa.

He is often overlooked of his powers since his diabolical appearence sporting long spikes from his shell, horns on his head, and razor sharp teeth on a body known to be only muscle.

He is such a powerful creature that it does not fit my mind how can Mario woop his @$$!?

Throughout the many games he has been in, he has been known to breath fire in many fashions, levitiate from the ground, become invisible for short periods of time, run extremely fast, and has brute strength to back him up. He has been known to be a wizard for all these things since he is an expert at wand handling and the ablity to control a large mass of individuals to oversee his kingdom. His technical skills are superb since he has created many machines throughout his life trying to kick Mario's sorry @$$. He has survived many of the things Mario has done to him including surviving many pitfalls, lava pools, and explosions while using his machines. He is a master theif and is capable of entering worlds through holograpghic paintings to steel golden stars.

Bowser will never die and the day he dies is the day Mario dies too.
Bowser: I shall tear off your flesh in tiny strips and take out your heart while you are still watching and I shall wear it as a necklace! BWA HA HA HA!
Mario: (Bounces on Bowser's head and pulls switch to drop Bowser on some hot lava)
Bowser: OWWW! AWWW!!! We shall meet again!!
Mario: (Recieves a golden star) YAY!
by leebal May 10, 2006

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(sok-wid)Noun; A newly discovered phase of matter in which the liquid state and solid state of matter is combined only physically possible on Earth. The soquid consists of 50% solid and 5o% liquid. This phenomenon makes it the fifth newly discovered phase and is in order with the rest of the phases as so: gas, liquid, soquid, solid, and plasma.

The soquid was recently discovered in the year 2006 when two young male connoisseur's of Wendy's restaurants when one of them bought a so-called "frozen treat" called the Frosty and questioned its "frozen" properties. Thus the race to find the meaning of such phenomenon was taken to a high school as a project for a science class by these two young males. later, it was discovered that this "frozen treat" could be better with added toppings creating the ultimate frosty and the frozen treat. Wendy's has since then referred to the Frosty as a soquid and eventually took all rights to consider it theirs. See wendy’s

Anyone can see this phase of matter at any Wendy's restaurant franchises everywhere. No other company has ever imitated this phase for lack of skill or lack of courage to mess with nature in such a supernatural way. Due to the large volume of customers in these restaurants each day could Wendy's be considered a haven to some. See stoners graceland.

*Beware: for some, the mere sight of a soquid-based treat can be life-threatening experience as some have the following symptoms: pupils dilate, skin gets Goosebumps, extreme licking of the lips and cheeks, and an overwhelming state of mayhem when there is a long line at a Wendy’s restaurant.
The frosty,(not to be confused with frosty) is to be considered the purest form of a soquid. Legend has it: one who replicates the Wendy's dessert shall be killed with a lightning bolt on a clear-day sky.
by leebal May 18, 2006

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(reg-e-tone) Noun: Latin American music from the Caribbean consisting of drum instruments and solo beats and percussion instruments on a fixed musical rhythm, often repeated. Bona fide reggeton music requisites to have the same beat consistently on EVERY song in order to be considered reggeton. Its origins of reggeton come from Africa as using a variety of drums to create a rather addicting rhythm then later transferred to Jamaica to create its modern day grassroots of reggeton known as reggae and ragga--common but distinct types of Caribbean music. From the influence of both reggae and other Latin American music such as merengue, salsa, bachata, and many more, have formed a mixture of these to form reggeton . New generation reggeton also has bits of hip-hop and rap as well often made fashionable by young kids and adolescents and very popular among Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

The music is becoming very well-liked now then it was years ago despite its long history as it first started in many clubs in Puerto Rico and expanded to nearby islands until it reached the USA. Nowadays, many diverse people from different cultures listen to reggeton including people who origins are from but NOT limited to: Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, El Salvador, and Dominican republic.

For some, regetton means Spanish rap which in reality it is not actual rap. Rap has its different rules that are different from reggeton. Although the music is mostly Spanish-speaking it also has bits of English as well. For some, this type of music is the best music ever while some think it is bad and lacks rhythm, and truly makes the music laughable as some say it is an insult to the real music of the Caribbean.

Perreo is an erotic dance sequence that involves mostly female to dance as if they are receiving anal sex while the males delivers. This very provocative dance is often associated with reggeton. In many clubs, reggeton has many members since very scandalous clad females are ready to shake their @$$. No wonder reggeton always has its place in a DJ’s CD collection.

How long reggeton will survive is a mystery but everyday, there are more fans around the world loving this single and unique music.

Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Lion y Lenox, and Tego Calderon are popular reggeton artists.
by leebal May 11, 2006

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the emoticon for Frankenstain composed of a capital E, number 8, top arrow (shift+6), and a left bracket. Used to display how boring one or something is especially on chat rooms but also on AIM, SMS, and E-mail. May also be used to describe dead silence in a text converstion followed by a BORING! text.
User1: I went to a party in Berlin this summer and i said hi to this really hot girl
User2: Did you get her digits?
User1: No...
user2: Ummm...yeah E8^ BORING!
by leebal May 08, 2006

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A very gay form of saying fabulous when a man says it. ( Either way, a man saying fabulous is gay enough). Its origins comes from the cosmetic commercial in the USA staring Halle Berry. Used to describe more than fabulous. May also be used to make fun of such individual when describing something cute, wonderful, or pretty.
Steve: Oh that puppy is soooooooooo cuuuuutteee! How....
Pimp daddy flo: Oh yes..How fabulash! Nacka beaotch!... Shut up you fag!
by leebal May 10, 2006

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A test in which you provide in order to tell someone if something is clean as claimed by proving it by either telling them to eat off the plate from which they claim it is clean and it obviously is not or to tell them to drink out of a cup if they said it is clean . It is mostly used on kids but can apply to adults. This may also apply to anything that someone says is true but you know they are wrong so you tell them to prove it so it can blow up in their face.
Mom: Did you wash your hands to go eat? Hmmm…
Kid: Yes ma
Mom: Okay then lick your fingers, it’s a truth test
Kid: What? That’s nasty!!! I mean…better use water AND soap I guess
by leebal May 12, 2006

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