A term started by AMC's popular drama Breaking Bad, meaning a lighter, less dark, way to describe someone's death.
Guy 1 "Have you given any thought to... .sending him on a trip to Belize?"
Guy 2 "Belize?"
Guy 3 "You know that place where (insert dead guy) went."
by SaulGoodman September 18, 2013
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-formerly known as British Honduras.
-located in Central America
-small independent country
-belizeans speaks mostly CREOLE!!
-coast of the carribean.
-only Central American country without a coast on the Pacific Ocean
-second largest barrier reef after the Great Barrier Reef
-very hot and humid
"I went to Belize over the summer and it was amazing!"
by Krystiine September 21, 2007
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Formally British Honduras, Belize is a bananna republic on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan, south of Mexico.
I Belize I'll have some more rum.
by Dan Carey November 8, 2005
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1. The only English speaking country in all of Central America first colonized by Great Britain. The people are very diverse and are not grouped by being black or white but by their ethnic make up which can be many.

2. An action that one does while visiting the Caribbean's Best Kept Secret, Belize; or a belief or a way of doing something.
1. I went to the sweetest country in Central America, Belize, for my Caribbean getaway.

2. I Belized the cays while visiting the Caribbean's kept secret.

Instead of climbing it mein you better Belize it.
by Shammy G April 15, 2009
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someone named after the Caribbean country. usually has friends but is socially awkward around non friends. if u are friends with a Belize they are trustworthy and will be able to detect fake friends and does not do well in groups of friends. also loves adventure and dreads easy schoolwork. and loves to sing
Belize is a big dork.
by a person like yall January 18, 2018
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a Wannabe British Central American country.More linked to their former master than to her brothers in America.Also the official language is english when most people speak spanish in the country.

Belizian:Im british!

Me:You wish banana man!
by Andres.- May 10, 2007
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South American country that is known for it Cheap Food and Liberal banking laws.
You know Belize, Cheap food, Liberal banking laws. As used in the move HARD RAIN
by Deltalema January 21, 2007
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