A small town in Massachusetts where the crime rate is extremely high and it is easy to get pot.
Lets go to Lenox so we can buy some pot.
by Crazy Drug Dealer May 2, 2007
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An endearing term for someone who has participated in trolling online.
If you ask dumb questions that could have been answered in 30 seconds on Google, think you are such a special snowflake that you deserve your own sales pitch instead of looking at ones already online, you pulled a Lenox.

If you go full on attack like the Hulk, you Lenoxed out.

If you ask for earning shots and other biz-oppy things then that is so Lenox.

And so on, and so forth.
by elBenbo's puppet December 22, 2016
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"How long has it been since lenox last stopped by?"

"Dunno, son...I always hide in the basement when that sumbitch comes to town."

"You puss."
by lenox January 21, 2004
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The most elite neighborhood in Manhattan. It is situated within the Upper East Side bounded by 59th Street, 72nd street. Essentially populated by old money, Connecticut, Harvard people.
Rich guy: Will you sleep with me?
Hot girl: No! Argh leave me alone you perv!
Rich guy: Alright have a great evening then. I'm going back home...to Lenox Hill.
Hot girl: Hey wait!!!!
by L3O August 10, 2011
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A town in illinois that's at the intersection of East Osh Kosh and Bumfuck. Basically it sucks and there's nothing to do.
New Lenox blowsssss.
by xocaitlinxsays July 17, 2008
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The most perfect and amazing school on the outside but it is really the most fucked up school full of dumbass kids and rapists as teachers
Parent: Lenox academy is a amazing school

Student: this school is the reason we all have depression
by I go to Lenox trust me November 21, 2018
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